Thursday, August 27, 2009

Biggest Meat-Eating Dinosaur v.s. Largest Dinosaur ever

Giganotosaurus is the biggest meat-eating dinosaur ever! It was found in South America, Argentina. It lived in the Late Certaceous. It was Bigger than T-Rex and Carcharodontosaurus! It was 42 feet ( 12.5 m). It hunted in packs because it attacked sauropads like Argentinosaurus. It's skull was long as a human! It was one big dino!
Now if you thought that Giganotosaurus was big ... THINK AGAIN! Argentinosaurus was the biggest dinosaur ever! It was 123 feet (37.5m). It is a sauropod ( it is in the picture). Early Cretaceous. Each back bone weighs 2 tons. it was a plant -eater. It was named after Argentina.
Now imagine the 2 dinosaurs we were talking about fighting. Wouldn't that be cool! Giganotosaurus slicing teeht. Argentinosaurus had size. 2 BIG dinosaurs fight. one big questin remains .. who would win!? Who knows? Maybe Giganotosaurus, or Argantinosaurus. Who knows?

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  1. Hi Dylan, Excellent overview of these huge creatures. I am not sure who would win the battle of these mammoth beasts but I am willing to guess it would certainly be a nasty fight. Keep up the great work.
    Dr. Jerry